How Live Chat Support Operators Increase Student Enrollments
July 21st, 2013
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How Live Chat Support Operators Increase Student Enrollments

Well known universities or internationally advertised universities get a huge number of students from different countries. Some of them are interested in getting international education and others are more in to gaining international work experience. Whatever the purpose of students may be, universities must be aware of the fact that a big number of students search course information, relevant degree program, student life info, accommodation expenses etc using university websites.

User experience of each education sector website is not according to huge diversity of international students looking for online information. Prospective students get very annoyed when they don’t find course fee information, admission requirements etc. Providing student support for only 8 hours a day and 5 days a week is not that much productive as compared to finding a way that allows students interact with university officials 24/7 because not all the prospective students search universities from the same time zone.

Adding live support chat and click to call service to university, college and even schools websites produce much optimized results. Now education industry websites have prominent call to action buttons and banners asking prospective students to chat or even initiate a free online live call if they stuck somewhere and need a quick help. It’s very important that live chat operators must be available 24/7 because non availability means giving your online visitors a competitor’s website link. According to a research, 83% of online visitors (students) need quick help while they are on your university, college and school websites.

Student consultancy is one big reason to provide 24 hours online support to your students because prospective students not only search for information but also need proper consultancy about selecting a most relevant and strategic degree or course that enhances their personal skills and professional experience. Providing consultancy is like getting enrollments because students who get free consultancy from your representatives would be more interested to join your institution.

Local students can call your university instantly and get the answers but thing of those who wake up when your university offices are closed. Think of different time zones and online traffic coming on your websites from different countries. They never prefer calling international numbers or waiting for your response via email support. It’s quite obvious that universities cannot open their administrative offices for 24 hours. But there is an effective alternative of outsourcing live chat agents who act as customer support department of your university. Now education sector is more in to outsourcing rather in house hiring of expensive staff. Providing live help chat agents your knowledge base and 2 weeks investment in training of agents can get you long term benefits. For education sector it would be right to say that number of student enrollments is directly proportional to the availability of online customer support hours.



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