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For any business, employees are considered as the backbone. Whenever businesses make decisions about outsourcing any staff from any country, they have to analyze countless attributes which totally affect their decision. Sometimes cultural characteristics are more important to make decision but sometimes labor laws and policies of outsourcing company win the hearts of decision makers. It is more important to think strategically when, where and how much to outsource.

  • Live Chat Ltd offers diversified skilled professionals
  • We offer live chat agents who can speak multiple languages
  • We don’t charge any setup fee or hidden expenses
  • We offer flexible time span of agreements – no binding agreements

Characteristics of our Best Live Help Operators:

    Computer Literacy

    Live chat ltd professionals are equipped with high computer skills and advanced internet literacy. During the live chat sessions our live help agents navigate quickly and hold multiple customer service chat sessions at a time. Advanced internet search skills act as a helping hand throughout the troubleshooting chat sessions.

    Ability to go beyond the script

    No doubt canned messages and already prepared live support chat scripts help agents to answer customer’s questions promptly but if there comes a new question, our 247 online support agents go beyond the script and serve your customers throughout the troubleshooting session in fully customized manners.

    Communication style and language skills

    At live chat ltd, we provide website live customer services for to your online web traffic in order to convert them in to your loyal customers. Our effective and efficient live web assistance and website live chat services allow your businesses to earn 24/7. Let us serve and answer to the technical and non technical issues of your Products/Services and get the maximum online traffic conversion rate.

    Complete, Timely and Accurate service

    Rapid, uncomplicated and trouble free! We offer the business chat solutions you require promptly on your e-commerce website by creating online conversations with a live chat ltd’s best live chat support agents services. Our Online Sales Agents provide accurate and personalized assistance to your online customers resulting live help support conversations in to valuable sales.

    Professional behavior and solid procedure

    Live chat ltd’s online website chat solutions professionally convey the assistance and help about what your website visitors want in the professional manner they desire – maximizing your online Revenues, improved online sales and consumer satisfaction. We love feedbacks from our clients and re-engineer our liveperson chat service processes in order to be effective.

    Able to understand customer’s needs and Wants

    Get the most out of forecasted sales by communicating with your online customers through our premium quality live support chat service. Know about customers’ needs and wants by what they are doing on website and what they are looking for. Our 247 live chat support agents tap the footprints of visitors and assist them quickly by sending them customized chat invitations.

    Expediency, Assertiveness & commitment

    Our live chat online services agents provide the immediate and committed support by helping you 24/7 via website live support solutions or through web tickets if there is an issue to be forwarded to technical support. Live chat ltd offer strong commitment regarding the connectivity and availability of our online support agents on your website 24/7.

    Proactively solve problems

    Efficiently corresponding to the most frequently asked inquiries can be automated via chat, 24/7 Email Support Center or content pushed on your website while other inquires are promptly routed directly to the relevant department. Our online chat operator services pro-actively detect and solve the problems of your online customers.

    Compassionate and Multi tasking

    Our experienced website live help agents can tackle more than one chat requests simultaneously; more customers and visitors are facilitated in less time and at minor cost as compared to call center agents who can take one call at a time. This process decrease your live support center’s cost and develop your competitive advantages over your competitors.

    Desire to help and resolve problems

    Live chat software, click to call services and email support help desk choice provides an alternative solutions to the customers having frustration of long holds on the phone. When your online customers know that their problems have been received and are in process, they are less anxious by waiting for a reply. They can carry on their normal activities as they wait.

    Dealing in a professional manner

    Live chat limited understands customers Privacy. Customers are now more reluctant to disclose sensitive information like Credit card information or Social Security numbers over the phone, which can be overheard easily. Our Online chat support representatives can even get this information from your customers leaving an impact of legitimacy.

    Understanding your customers

    With customer service chat app history feature, there is no need for the customers to repeat the problems. Discretion for those who need to  call from work  place, Such customers appreciate interacting with government agencies via website chat answer service or email support, so they can provide information and ask questions or Report an issue without fear of being heard by colleagues.

    Making the customer feels Valued and important

    Correspond with your valuable customers in a unique and totally personalized way of live chat. Our 24/7 live help agents always tap the footprints of online customers and know what they are looking for. When they initiate a chat session, our website help chat agents already know their problem details. This process make your customers feel like valued and important.

    Like to interact with customers

    We efficiently involve new customers by providing support with account registration, online billing and other processes up-front. This process shrinks the interactions which are needed afterwards, improve and increases customer satisfaction and retention. Our inbound customer services agents love to create interactions.

    Personalization & Analytical reports

    Our professional live operators Categorize valuable visitors on your website track the search keywords they use to reach your site, links browsed, and pages travelled empower you to aim the potential customers in a personalized manner. Our real-time supervising provides valuable insights and optimizes your website, which refines marketing schemes and subscription process.

    Respect, timeliness & consistency

    We rapidly connect your online visitors with our sales experts; correspond with visitors by understanding their defined needs, Speed up the sales cycle by a higher level of confidence in your company. Our experience live chat sales agents give respect to your customers with instant problem solutions and perfect product information.

    Empathize, Personalize & Problem solving

    Deliver urgent solutions to product related issues. Companies who use live chat for website report customer loyalty and satisfaction rates higher than those from any other human-assisted which face prolonged delays. Our excellent live support services are totally customers oriented and depict the corporate helping culture.

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