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Help Desk Support Services


In the age of Internet revolution like present, 24/7Email Support has materialized as the most ideal way of presenting after sales requirements to customers. Distant from being cost effectual in terms of small initial cost and maintenance fee, customer email response services also caters to your customers’ need swiftly and sends resolution straight in their mailbox.

Consequently, more companies are outsourcing their non-voice call center needs, including technical Email support services instead of in-house department. We offer Customer support email handling for technical as well as non-technical products and services.

  • Live chat ltd helps you save and utilize your important time in strategic planning.
  • Ease off your shoulders with excess Email burden
  • We solve and answer customer queries within 45mins!
  • Getting an email in the inbox from you puts a positive impact on your customers.
  • Use Email support to expand your business and marketing purposes.

Outsourcing Business Email Support Service

    Why outsourcing Email support is important?

    Our online Front-Line Customer Support will frequently respond to your customers email inquiries with appropriate answers within an hour. Your business can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by answering support email inquiries of customers rapidly, efficiently and precisely. We let your businesses create customer services competitive advantages through effective customer email response services.

    Providing solutions in the Inbox!

    It’s an easy task to sale your products and services through traditional and online marketing as compared to the customer’s complaints management. Problems arises when customers uses your products and services. If they face any ambiguity Live chat ltd email support professionals cope with your customer’s post-purchase complaints.

    Keep your business balanced

    “Outsourcing your important business email support services facilitates you to equilibrium the load between peak and off-peak hours”.

    Therefore, it’s quite logical to outsource your web-based support systems to focus more on core competencies. Having our specialized outsourced email support help desk system guarantees lesser call levels and significantly trims down costs for voice support.

    Utilize your precious time

    We know your business time is quite precious, outsource email support services from live chat ltd and collect your ample of time and deploy it on your other important business operations.

    “A professional email response service is very vital to any company’s image building and steady growth”.

    Technical and Non-technical support

    For non-technical and technical related business email support service, we ensure comprehensive training sessions to our already experienced professionals about your Products & Services through the knowledge base provided to us, so that they familiarize with your business as well as your customer’s requirements properly and answer them quickly in a proper manner.

    Performance Audits

    We also do ongoing evaluations and performance audits from time to time to spot and eliminate bottlenecks in our current process, as a result offering valued Email response system on continuing basis. Continuous improvements and process re-engineering enable us to provide an extreme customer experience and called as best email Support Company.

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