AI vs Chat Bot vs Real Human Interactions
May 4th, 2017
Chatbots VS Real Humans

AI vs Chat Bot vs Real Human Interactions

There is a very interesting concept emerging in business-customer interactions which is a combination of artificial intelligence, chat bots and real human interactions. Its a well known technology update that AI (artificial intelligence) is advancing its roots in almost every industry and converting production lines/units in to automated processes where humans are only monitoring machines and handling their AI codes to change them when needed. “AI is defined as combination of codes and computer systems that enable technology performs tasks that normally require human intelligence” We are here to discuss how AI is affecting customer services through live chat softwares and how its trying to integrate with chat bots. Can AI actually change the trend of real humans performing customer services on business websites? Lets discuss what others say and what actually it is.

One of largest live chat software vendors has written this statement on their website:

AI has reached a tipping point in customer care. Around 50% of interactions are highly suitable for bots, with enormous cost savings

Live Person is  claiming that they are the only ones who can scale chat bots for large brands and our purpose of this discussion is to ask them few questions and get their views on them. Please click here to read what they have written on their chat bots website page and lets discuss their Three Secrets of Bots.

 A bot is an agent:

They have mentioned that chat bots should be measured and monitored like real agents. This statement means you need to define protocols, workflows and other measures in order to make it work successfully. But our question here is if chat bots are needed to be monitored and there must be humans who will change their workflows continuously then why to completely rely on this technology and experience drastic lower customer satisfactions? We have been in managed live chat service industry from last 7 years now and a lot of times if we use canned responses to answer customer questions quickly, they immediately start asking if we are bots or real humans. 50% of them leave chat conversations because they think they are talking to a bot not a real human. To ensure this does not happen we have trained our customer support agents to use pre-written messages with a short delay just to show customers that real humans are writing answers to their questions. If your website customers get annoyed with chat bots then how can you make sure that your chat service is delivering above 80% customer satisfaction? We totally disagree with this concept being used in live chat industry.

Bots should specialise:

Live Person claims that if chat bots are specialised then they will work fine. Like if they are dedicated to routine tasks like bill payment, address update etc. After reading this statement from such a benchmark company we started loosing our confidence. All of you know that every business who has large customer base are dealing with customer dashboards with secured web links. Customers are happy to manage their data on their own and whenever they want. Like if they need to update their address they go on their vendor’s website, login and change their personal information like credit card info, address update, email update etc. we really want to know what Live Person in trying to explain here.

Humans and bots need to tango:

If you have read the web page that we mentioned in the beginning then you must have checked images/screenshots showing real human interaction combining with bot. Conversation is started with a bot and after customer asks a question that a bot cannot answer it hands over the conversation to real human and then human understands what customer is saying and after that it hands over the conversation to a bot again. We need to ask several questions here. Would it be visible to customers when a bot starts the conversation and when real human agent hands over the conversation back to bot? Task mentioned in diagram “adding of a new number to existing plan” can easily be managed through user portals  and if real humans are dealing with this then they normally verify customer by asking different verification questions and then update their plans, models manually. Again our question is what is the use of using a bot in this conversation? Was bot a really needed feature in all this conversation?

Offload many tasks:

Tasks that Live Person has mentioned on their web page are already automated and almost every single task like that is managed by customers through using user/customer dashboards then whats the use of bots in chat conversations. Customer happiness is never derived with chat bots, care costs are never cut by bots, staff is already happier because almost every update is done by customers through dashboards. Either Live Person should explain how their concept is actually working or they must stop emerging bots with real human interactions.

At the end we would like to say that BOTs can never earn their name among customers because they cannot be humans and they cannot understand customer questions. Artificial Intelligence used in BOTs can never increase customer satisfaction. AI can only be used at the backend and cannot take a first step to communicate with customers. We are closely watching this concept and will keep you updated.

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