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“Talk to your web customers when they really need your help”


Click to talk services gives your online customers an opportunity to call you instantly for free while they are on your web page. With that facility your Online Customers can use click to call software to contact Customer support for Free which facilitates in a rapid mode to solve the matter or resolving an inquiry. An online visitor on your website has several options to contact your company for any problem. These options may include website chat support, business email support and voice call to online call center agent. This process creates an ease for your customers to get their problems solved instantly and online without dialing a call center support number.

Abrupt connection with 24/7 Live support in real-time by Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP), or phone call service provides web-based communication choices which help your company to bridge the gap between online and offline communication.

“Reduce midway desertion during online purchase by reducing your response-time, with a single click. Our premium Voice Support Services includes the following features”.

  • Premium push to talk services for your web customers
  • Web based callcenter services for your business
  • Premium online call center agents
  • Technical voice support for your products and services
  • Outbound sales call center services
  • Inbound customer service call center
  • Easy to install and cost effective CRM solution
  • Analytical reports to measure your online marketing success

Qualities of Voice Support AgentsClick to talk can help you in numerous ways

    Reduce cost with increasing benefits

    Click 2 talk is a cost-efficient technique which helps you with call tracking solution and unique communication means that deliver a wide range of benefits and features. Virtual call center agents enable more effectual correspondence with prospective clients and customers, while generating new and recurring returns.

    Converts online Visitors into happy Customer

    Our Click to talk service helps you in Converting prospective client activity into long term customer revenue opportunities. Remote voice support services streamline the bond between the potential customers and an online representative which is a smart method of improving the tracking efforts and target marketing.

    Boost up sales and customer loyalty in One Go

    Live Chat ltd as a click to call provider boosts up your sales, conversion rates, remove non-producing and unrelated sales calls and collect contact information from potential customers only. With offshore call center customer support, call desertion is reduced and customer loyalty is escalated by enhancing contentment and satisfaction.

    Considerable development in online acquisition

    According to industry research, click to call services can increase revenues between 35%-40% for any type f business providing online technical support for your products or services. Now-a- days online customers expect a live interaction when they bump into problems using your website.

    Facilitating the online purchase

    Live help software facilitates the ability of an online visitor to purchase while surfing the particular item they are looking for. Our internet call center service agents can walk through with your customers in completing the transaction. Moreover, the standard size of the final purchase can increase with live call assistance.

    Increase Return on Website Investment

    We know you may have spent a lot of time and money in mounting your website as well as promoting it on the Internet. Our click2talk services maximize the return on website investment (ROI) by allowing web visitors to become your permanent customers without dropping off your site at the vital point of decision.

    Delighted customers become Repetitive Customers

    Once Customers who have a helpful experience on your website will surely return once more and recommend you to their friends too. Providing online call center support services to your customers can improve consumer’s experience, resulting in contented and loyal customers.

    Trims down the Sales Cycle

    Online business call center services shorten your sales cycle by being there for your users at the moment of indecision. Our online answering service agents help the visitors to make their crucial decisions much easier and increase the list of customers by shortening the sales cycle. Through support chat software customers feel easy and comfortable about net calling.

    Expand Business prospects globally

    Click to talk contact center services Remove geographic boundaries by offering your international consumers the identical level of convenient service as to your regional customers. This offers intercontinental browsers the facility to make a free net call and speak with you, thus increasing call and sales volume.

    Become acquainted with Important Customer

    Get to know about your website visitors, the more you are familiar the better prepared you are to respond to their requirements. Through our call center consulting services help live your customers and be familiar with your potential online target market to make sure that your site is customized for the right spectators.

    Simple execution and Implementation

    Live online support is very simple to apply, while applying to the website it doesn’t require to slowdown or any disturbance. You can position the customized voice support call to action at the most suitable place to utilize its effectiveness. Customers will simply click and call our support agents which will be instantly ready to help them.

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