Importance of Response Time in Online Customer Services
September 15th, 2013
online customer services

Importance of Response Time in Online Customer Services

In delivering extreme customer experience, time of delivery has more weight than other factors. Whether it’s about online click to talk phone support, live chat customer service or email customer support, if you are late in providing exact information or helping your potential customers, it means you are giving your customers your competitor’s website links.

On the other hand timely help doesn’t mean that you start helping your customers haphazardly with false information. Your customers are always ready to wait for some reasonable time in order to get accurate and effective help. Yes! In case of phone support and online voice call, you customers need your instant help but if you have set some rules they may be loyal to wait for your help.

Click to Talk/Phone Support

  • Always follow these rules while delivering customer services through voice support call centers.
  • Pick up the phone before the 4th ring, make it second ring if possible for you and don’t let your customers feel that you don’t want to pick up their calls
  • Your customers will get furious if they find your line busy most of the day. Think of adding second and third line according to the increase in traffic because you probably missing many calls and losing customers because of your busy phone lines.
  • Make sure your colleague is available when you redirect a call in other department. It will through negative impact if your colleague is not there and call is redirected back to you while your customer is waiting for the response.
  • During the call if you need to check billing info, shipping details or any other info then ask your customer if he doesn’t mind holding for few moments. If you need more than 1 minute time to check the details ask your customer if he is ready to wait that much or offer him call back after few minutes.
  • Always call on time and pre-decided week day if you have promised to call back your customer.

Email Support Customer Services:

  • Usually email response time is 24 hours but answering your customers within 30-45 minutes will make them happy and loyal.
  • Set auto responder emails that notify your customers that you have received their email and working on it. Always mention your response time in auto responder emails that will make your customer calm even if your response time is 3 business days. But make sure you answer their question within 3 business days with accurate information.
  • Answer urgent messages first and then go to regular emails. Always track response time and urgency of messages using any good email help desk software. Giving priority to urgent messages doesn’t mean that you forget about others. Regular emails must be checked within your decided turnaround time. Who knows you get more valuable clients through those emails inquiries.
  • Use your help desk software effectively and make settings that automatically change the status of email messages to urgent if only few hours are left and email is not answered.

Live Chat Customer Services:

  • Always attend the live chat calls within 2 0r 3 bells and be quick in reading the customer’s question which he already had written prior to online live chat session. Never ask your customers the same things which they have written in message field prior to live customer chat session.
  • Always try to create short responses so that typing would not take you long in responding to your online chat customer. If you are a bit late, your visitors/customers will start asking if you are there.
  • Hire live help agents who have high typing speeds so that your customers never have to wait long in getting response.
  • If you have to check customer’s personal account information in order to resolve the issue, ask the visitors if they can wait for few minutes.
  • Tel you customers that you will arrange a call back or email later if you are not able to resolve the matter immediately or if you have to contact other department colleagues to get it resolved. Make sure you call them or email them at the agreed time.
  • If you are offering 24/7 live chat services then make sure you are available whole day and if you don’t offer 24/7 customer support then switch your live chat widget to the “leave a message” mode.



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