What You Lose if You Don’t have Live Chat Support
November 16th, 2013

What You Lose if You Don’t have Live Chat Support

With every live chat session there comes an opportunity. It can be a big sale, up-sell, troubleshooting, customer experience, or cross sell opportunity. Having live chat support on your websites means thousands of meaningful use interactions with your potential customers and returning opportunities. Imagine if you don’t have live chat operators to greet and entertain your online visitors, you may be losing thousands of new customers on daily or monthly basis. Most of e-commerce entrepreneurs think that effective email support serves the best alternate to live chat support. It’s quite right to say if you only care about your existing customers but really awful and immature strategy if you are running an e-commerce business or even if your business gets hundreds of online visitors on daily basis.

If you don’t have 24/7 live chat customer support on your website then you are giving your potential new customers a chance to visit your competitor’s website. Although your products/services have more features than your competitors but your online visitors may overlook your web information and stuck on your competitor’s website by getting impressed with their website interface or proper content management. If you have live help feature installed on your website then there is 90% probability that your online visitors will engage with your live chat agents, ask questions they may have in their minds about your products, get satisfied with live support you provide and convert in to customers.

Let’s discuss some benefits you may be losing if you don’t have live chat support on your website.

1)    Multiple interaction:

Unlike phone support, live support agents can take multiple chat inquiries and serve your customers in any way. Some experts say that serving multiple chats at a time affect the quality of customer services. It was right to say couple of years ago, now canned messages, visitors tracking info, returning visitor’s identification and quick overview of customer’s problem through chat history enables agents to handle multiple chats with extreme quality.

2)    Conversion Optimization:

When a visitor or potential customer lands on your website, it creates his/her own conversion funnel that consists of different web page visits, time spend on each page, search terms they have used before reaching your website and time spend on shopping cart page. Live chat support serves as value added service and notice the behavior of your customers while they are on your website. If any visitor is somewhere in conversion funnel and inactive for some time, sending them pro-active chat messages can make them feel important and convert them in to customers if they were stuck because of any possible reason or problem.

3)    Extreme customer experience:

It’s a common behavior of customers that if they are served better, offered with discounts and timely customer support, they will more likely come again to your business and buy more products. One satisfied customer brings at least 10 new customers if he was entertained in a way he was expecting. With online customer support on your website, you can definitely increase your customer experience by offering quick resolutions, real time assistance and helping them to look for right information if they are stuck somewhere.

4)    Competitive Advantage and Differentiation:

If your competitors are not offering live chat support that means you have the chance to create your differentiation and an advantage over your competition in the eyes of your customers. Start serving your online customers with live chat support and create loyalty and extreme customer experience. You will definitely stand out of your competition and observe the increase in your online sales.



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