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  • Do you offer Customized hourly live chat support services?

    Yes, we meet every possible and customized need of our clients with exceptional premium quality live customer support. You can choose hours, number of agents and nature of live customer support according to your needs. We make customized price packages with mutual understanding and two way benefits orientation.

  • what is the method of payment?

    You can pay us through mediums like money gram transfer, western union transfer and direct bank transfer as well. If you have any other idea let us know and see what we can do for you in that case. Any transfer/transaction charges are on the client side. If any transfer/transaction charges are because of our associated banks then we will bear them.

  • How many websites your shared agents handle at a time?

    We allow our agents to handle parallel live chat sessions for only 2 clients other than you. We make sure to maintain level of quality even for shared agents. Before starting live support services, we recommend our clients the best price package according to the frequency and complexity of live online help sessions.

  • What is your “Preferred” price package?

    We strive to be fully customized in order to meet our clients’ needs. Our preferred live chat package consists of dedicated agents support during peak/office hours and then shared agents after the peak/office hours. You can optimize the use of your hourly online customer support services.

  • What is the training process of your live chat agents?

    In the beginning our clients provide us with their products/services knowledge base, FAQ documents, product manuals and any other type of documents that are necessary to train online chat support agents. With the passage of time our agents tend to learn from your customers’ questions and make their own notes. Our agents are fully professional and only take one week of training before going online.

  • How many languages your live chat agents can support?

    We have multi lingual representatives who can support English, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Japanese and several other languages. You only need to tell us about your preferred language requirements we will arrange agents accordingly.

  • How we can check the qualities of live chat agents?

    It will be like hiring your own staff rather simply outsourcing your live chat agents. You can interview your live chat agents via email and live chat. Select the candidates according to your requirements. You can check their English language skills, promptness, pro-activeness and typing skills.

  • Do you offer call center services or only web click to talk?

    It will be like hiring your own staff rather simply outsourcing your live chat agents. You can interview your live chat agents via email and live chat. Select the candidates according to your requirements. You can check their English language skills, promptness, pro-activeness and typing skills.

  • how does training process works?

    At first you have to train our supervisors according to your customer support norms and quality standards then our supervisors will train agents to go online and start closing the high value sales leads. Voice support training process can take more than 2 weeks.

  • Is there any setup fee?

    Yes, for voice support services we charge a very nominal setup fee that is totally dependent upon the nature of project. In some cases there is no need of setup fee but in case of large customer support modules costs of software, systems and infrastructure can be a cause for setup fee.

  • What is the standard length of your contract?

    Standard minimum length of our contract is 6 months. There can be changes in length of contract according to mutual understanding. In case you have to cancel the contract, you must notify us with at least 2 months prior notice.

  • What is your employee turnover?

    Our employee turnover is minimum 1 year. Our HR department works in a smarter way and creates staff policies, appraisal methods and promotion strategies that retain employees more than 1 year.

  • How can I be sure that my business/corporate information is secured?

    We sign a special information confidentiality contract with our clients to assure them security of their valuable information and business secrets. Our agents are not allowed to take any piece of information outside the office boundaries.

  • Do you have termination clause for poor performance?

    Yes, if any one of employees is not working according to the benchmark, there are two official warnings for any fatal error. On the third time employees is terminated because of poor performance and is immediately replaced with other experienced agent.

  • Do you offer SEO related data entry services?

    Yes, we have expertise in offering directory submissions, ads postings, real estate listings management, blog sharing and posting, articles submissions and link building etc.

  • What categories of transcription do you offer?

    Our data entry teams are fully capable of offering all categories transcription services. Some of our categories include medical transcription, Legal transcription, business transcription, general transcription, market research transcription, media transcription, audio Transcription, video Transcription and academic Research Transcription.

  • How do you guarantee premium quality data entry services?

    At live chat ltd, every data entry team has a team leader or supervisor who continuously checks the quality of data through different pre-defined quality standards. We make sure to provide error free and extreme quality data conversion services.

  • Can I resell your services?

    Yes, you can absolutely resell our all categories of services. You only need to send us an email at partnership@livechatltd.com and describe your reselling criteria. Our business development manager will get in touch with you within 24 hours and discuss all necessary rules and policies. We have very large spectrum of partnership program benefits.

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