How Proactive Live Chat Customer Support Helps to Increase Your Online Sales
January 29th, 2013

How Proactive Live Chat Customer Support Helps to Increase Your Online Sales

These days, In view of the fact that generally customers first visit you through your website chat support rather than your retail outlets as customers are more intelligent and want to have all the information about the product before they Go for any purchase, and that’s the point where you need to have a way to make sure your customer knows how imperative they are from the minute they get there. Pro Active Live chat services for your website is more than just sitting and waiting for your online customers to come to you with issues. But it’s about approaching your customers even before there is a need for that, sequentially to make them realize you are always available for them to help and that’s what the customer’s expect from you. Proactive chat session has proved to be best live chat services experience that allows you to get personalize with your existing customers.

Some facts you need to be Aware of as an online business;

Did you know that 80% of total online visitors refrain from doing a business after what they have experience was a Poor Customer support. That is the major online part and very crucial to influence you Revenues.According to a research 65% of Customers will be inclined to spend over a Business with helpful customer services as Contrast to one without having a customer services at all.

Proactive Chat Increases Sales And Reduced Desertions:

“In business, sir, one has no friends, only correspondents”.

In Real life we always want an attendant when going to our favorite Store. Why is that? Well just because we Need someone to guide us about the product. Do you feel reluctant in asking question? Many of us normally do. So what if the Sales Representative know all the question and he asks you one by one to select Best option and guess what you are actually looking for. The solution is very simple that customers need someone who can instantly walk them toward the shopping cart and if they get confused or have ambiguity then that Online Support professional answers and satisfy with all the questions. This excellent live support helps to eradicate shopping desertions from your retail websites and makes certain that full shopping carts go through check out. So in short simply by involving you Online customer in a proactive chat session can boost up the chances of converting a random site visitor into a potential customer.

Personalized Customer Services through Proactive chat support:

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful”.

Just having a Customer service is Fine but excellent customer service is a Great deal and that increases the Sales Digits of a business. But sill you are not looking for number Crunching, as a business you are looking for repetitive and loyal customers. Proactive chat fills your need and converts individual customers into loyal brand promoters, the better you treat the better the image goes in public.


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