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Offshore Data Entry Services


Today’s business world is vibrant, rapidly paced and in a constant fluctuation. In such an atmosphere the accessibility of valuable, accurate and meticulous information is a necessity in a proficient and professional manner. It is beside the point whether you are a newly started business or rambling global territory, as the precise information is an Asset in any circumstances for the organization. The further you are familiar about the market trend, potential customers, clients or other relevant factors that influence an organization, the better you can establish your own business.

  • We offer High quality, secure and cost effective data entry solutions.
  • Live chat ltd ensures high level of accuracy and completion before the deadline.
  • Live chat ltd manages all the tasks with proactive working environment.
  • Highly suitable for companies having over loaded data entry burden.
  • Live chat ltd helps you in achieving high standard performance objectives.

Data Entry Features & Benefits

    WHY WE?

    Now-a-days several international companies are outsourcing their Data Entry work which is why the outsourcing industry is increasingly becoming competitive. The need of delivery at highest levels of data quality, accuracy, and quick response has become vital to every business and this is where our Company fills your business needs. By integrating distinctive processes, the state-of-the-art knowledge and matchless skilled professional’s covers the entire spectrum of Data Entry Operator Services makes us specialist in Online Research and Data Processing Services.


    What distinguish us from other service providers are our Commitments, Responsiveness, affordability and flexibility to craft an innovative route to solve a client’s data capturing and processing services needs. With no hassle we endow you the important output and ensure our customers data confidentiality in their service rendering. Our exceptional High Level Data Entry Skill Set allows you to boost the pace of your business activities, saves time, reduces cost and gives you many other competitive advantages.


    At our company we don’t only focus on providing you with all kind of Experienced Data Entry Operators Services with the eminence and professionalism, but we also suggest some innovative and tailored solutions to fit your requirements. We are an established Business Outsourcing Provider and service oriented company, catering excel in services with different Data Collector Services provisions. By availing the opportunity of our Online Data Entry and Processing Services you can make a lot of difference in achieving performance standards of your business, whether you are small or big organization.


    After formally signing up with you, we customize a service plan according to specific online and offline data entry services project and form processing requirements. Our approach to Simple Spreadsheet data entry services and the expertise we employ not only enable us to deliver the highest levels of data in superior quality, accuracy, and quick spin, but also to address your requirement for document, data security and confidentiality. Our experienced Data Entry Administrators make sure that project is delivered prior to deadlines.


    In our business, there are many companies providing audio transcription services, video transcription services, medical transcription services, financial data processing services, Loan Data Entry Specialist Services and Craigslist ads posting services but what we believe in rendering the services are with Accuracy, Rapidly and Capability to do it at a reasonable price. We understand your needs & wants as our Valuable client and tend to provide with our cost effective and affordable plans. We view ourselves as our clients’ business partner and they ours. In many cases our client’s have outsourced their entire data entry department to us making an integral part of their ongoing operations.

    Why Data Entry BPO Services?

    We never compromise in providing the superior quality of services to our client. Portraying the service to be rendered with the skills in a reasonable price is the challenging task for our business success to reflect the professionalism and to step up the business relation. We will be glad to share our industry experience with you as having the state-of-the art technology, and elasticity to facilitate your needs as our client. We provide rapid and accurate data entry services for real estate and Data entry operator for legal industry that need data to be mined from any source.

    Some of the forms of data entry we specialize

    Our team of professional technical support scans documents or images for digital conversion format. This process also includes Gathering data online from websites and entering it into any required format. Our Data Entry and Processing services (Database cleanup data entry services) are appropriate for all types of data capturing which contains printed text, scanned text and images etc. Our specifically trained agents are experts in handwriting analysis and typing ability. Such qualities allow us to carry out data entry projects like Business Directory Data scrapping of any size with high quality, cost-effectual data entry solutions for small businesses.

    Online data capture services:

    In the Online data entry services we convert printed material into online catalogs. After transformation of all the required material, we digitize the files and provide it to you or upload them to any online location or enter them directly to your database. By that method online data cataloguing makes it easier for you to search for products and update accordingly. It’s also suitable for web publishing anytime, anywhere access without any trouble. All the online catalogs on your database are more simply searchable and help immediate recovery in future use.

    Our broad variety of Online Data Entry Services contains:

    Live Chat Ltd is famous for offering premium quality Data Capturing, Converting, Processing and Data mining, Online Catalogue converting and Processing, Online Data Retrieval and modification
    Data entry based on Internet Research, Online Form/Image Processing & Submission, Data Collection and compilation in a proper portal, Website Competitive Analysis, Meta Tags Optimization, PDF Document Indexing, Online data capture services from Any website, Data entry from E-Books and E-magazine publications Websites, Medical transcription service, hospital records data entry and processing, patient notes and accident reports processing.

    Offline data capture services:

    We are exclusively focused on Offline data entry services to offer the strategic and tactical services to complete life cycle. Our offline Data Entry Division offers most wide-ranging of high quality and low cost data entry services ideally suited to high volume data-entry applications. Our offline data entry services allow you to increase the pace of your business activities in a speedy way, by saving time & money and give you many other competitive advantages. We can also provide the highly skilled and efficient team for Administrative Support of your projects.

    Our broad variety of Offline Data Entry Services contains:

    We offer exceptional Offline Hand written Entry, Billing data entry, Offline Legal Document Entry, Offline Insurance Claim Entry, Data entry from product catalogs, Data entry from printed material to MS office files, Copy, Paste, Editing, Sorting and Indexing Data into any format, Indexing of documents, vouchers, receipt and bills, Offline Data Entry from hardcopy/printed material into MS Office, Data entry for Mailing List/Mailing Label, Manuscript typing into MS Word, Business Card Data Entry into any Format, Indexing from White Pages and Yellow Pages. We work on both electronic and printed data.

    Electronic Data Entry and Processing Services:

    Live chat ltd uses various conversion tools for the conversion of electronic data from its present format (in practically any spreadsheet, word processing, or desktop publishing application). We use customized in house software for the conversion of data into a usable electronic format. Our services certainly fits your needs weather it is a one-time project or an ongoing commitment.

    Printed Data Capturing and Processing Services:

    For the data available in printed format, we use of advanced in-house scanning facilities. Our expert technical support staff scans documents or images for conversion into a digital format. We maintain an editorial staff proficient in manual data entry Services, as well as proofing and editing, ensuring that the data entered is accurate. Our Data Entry and Data Processing services are valid for all kinds of textual data capturing which includes printed text, manuscripts, scanned images etc.

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