How live chat is engaging more customers in Real Estate industry
January 25th, 2014
Live chat for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

How live chat is engaging more customers in Real Estate industry

Greet Online To Your Potential Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

In recent years Real estate industry has been strained to change and meet up the ever rising demand of its customers and the level of customer care they anticipate to be entertained with.

You work so hard to construct interaction with people, however most website visitors slip away without saying as much as a hello! The main reason is because our ‘Traditional’ real estate industry has strongly relied on printed brochures and property publications to make potential buyers visit their office or see their operations, rather than providing the Real time customer interaction the customers are looking for.

Today, internet has facilitated the industry to achieve ever more people, more rapidly, and offer these prospective customers with even more options and information than ever before.

24/7 Live Chat support for Real Estate representative and Brokerages can help you gather and meet interested real estate sellers and buyers with some more qualities you use to engage customers on the phone. You can guide them and have all the opportunity to tie up earlier when choice about agents and brokers are being made.

It’s always about the Right time, being in the right place when your customers need you. Are your live chat agents available on your website when your visitors have questions about financing or a listing shown on the website? If Not! Then you are missing half of the opportunities.

 Lets overview the benefits of online chat support for Real Estate Agents and Brokerages!

1. Proactive chat for confused customers:
Live chat ltd helps and increases the usefulness of being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with advanced features such as proactive live chat messages. This feature allows our agents to judge and assist customers when they are stuck in making a decision.

2. Website Assistance and guiding to right place:
Real estate agents have to spend a lot of time out-of-office locations for visits. Online chat support feature can guide through images, Property listings and details about the property location. At any time, website visitors can start a live chat to discuss what kind and type of property or home they are looking to buy or sell. The Online support agents may then use the opportunity to increase the client’s interest in preferred listings.

3. Filter the prospective clients:
Live chat support for real estate allows real-time interaction and monitoring of visitor on the company website.  Which helps you quickly decide and facilitate which region customer is interested to buy or sell. So many of the visitors are easily converted into potential customer and it becomes much easier for you to looks after the qualifying leads only which can be transferred to relevant persons that are better able to answer specific questions, or they can them to office.

4. Personalized messages for sellers and buyers:
Live chat ltd gives a live online presence, allowing prospective clients to chat and get answers of all the questions while visiting the company website. Live chat support gives both agents and website visitors an easy way to make initial contact with each other, including trade information, setting up appointments to view properties and much more. By having the skills and product knowledge of your industry live chat agents can assist according to your specific and customized needs.

Live chat is now a widely accepted way to communicate through the internet and the consumer has chosen and proved that they find it trouble-free, resourceful and valuable mean to interact to a company’s representative regardless of any industry.

How live chat is the Reason for Converting your website visitors into clients!

 24/7 live support helps your real estate professionals to interact directly with potential buyers and sellers visiting their website and help them with all of their questions with just a click of a button.
This interactive interaction between you are your customer gives both a suitable way to make initial contact, setting up meetings and appointments with  a local office or realtor, discussing current mortgage rates customer buying capacity or specific needs, and much more.

1. Visualization helps to increase the Sales and lead generation:
Live chat support agents can increase interest of the customers by showing the online listings with real-time interaction and the photographs or maps of the location. This is not possible on a traditional telephonic conversation.

2. Saves time for both customer and brokers:
Live chat interaction allows representatives to show online available listings of available property that meet their specifications without letting them drive them all over town. It helps in saving time for both parties and you can schedule meetings with interested buyers and sellers only.

3. The option to chat from Any Location:
For customers it is really beneficial that they can contact you any Time from any Place using any Medium. It helps you facilitating your customers when your office is closed.

The world has gone mobile and more type of communication mode are taking place every day outside of traditional phone conversations in which customer is able to assume not visualize the real picture. It is time to make your website work for you just like your office, by providing the New way for your potential clients to contact and communicate with you.



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